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9月12日晚8点,《链之星》联合20家媒体开启了新一期的项目专访,本期分享的主题是: 《GPC——如何开启环球付时代》,让我们一起了解GPC环球付,见证365bet怎么看直播_皇冠365bet平台_365bet现场衔接链技术对跨境支付带来的飞跃和颠覆。本期为大家邀请到的嘉宾是GPC环球付联合创始人,Mr.Zenker,Welcome to Mr. Zenker!

Zenker】:Good evening,Im Zenker from GPC and happy to be here with you guys,thank you for your support!


Q1:Welcome to our studio, Ive noticed that GPC was online ZBG, we all have seen wechat moments refresh by GPC news,today our friends online also interested in GPC, Could you introduce GPC first?



A1:Global pay is a global blockchain financial technology company. We have our own R&D team and the core application independently developed our company: Global pay APP with unique cloud + double engine wallet online and intelligent transaction functions. Global Pay Coin (GPC) is a token in the global payment system.

A1:GPC环球付是全球性的365bet怎么看直播_皇冠365bet平台_365bet现场衔接链金融科技公司,我们有自己的研发团队,公司自主研发的核心应用:环球付APP,具有独特的云端+链上双擎钱包,以及智能交易功能。Global Pay Coin (简称:GPC) 是环球付系统中流通的核心通证。


Q2:At the beginning is for what kind of opportunity let you created the GPC global ecological idea?


A2We are not only a digital wallet project, but we also developed a public chain. There are a lot of projects owners boast their project value, but didn't implement it. On the one hand, the public chain is for the convenient for our projects , on the other hand,we cant use thepayment function, only work for deposit currency, so we want to give users more function.



Q3:There have been a lot of reports and advertisements about the GPC project recently. Is there any significant progress for GPC?

Q3: GPC项目最近有很多的报道和广告,项目是否有重大进展?


A3:In the future, we will connect more public chains and have more exchanges. May be we will host more activities and road shows to give back to users. Hope you will pay attention to us.



Q4:Nowadays, so many blockchain projects in the market, What are the advantages of GPC to attract more users?


A4:GPC built a global network with blockchain, the GPC wallet support cloud online wallet,the private key kept by the users. Users can save trading fees and docking a few exchanges, to provide an intelligence services.I summarized some words: safe, convenient, save money, save time.



Q5: In terms of user security and future cross-border payment, what have you done?


A5GPC is the first to create a DNA double helix molecular structure, which upgrades the underlying it from a single flat result to a double helix molecular structure to making it safer, more efficient and more malleable.

It is well known that the safety factor of offline cold wallet has always been much higher, but the GPC wallet still adopted the CI/CO development add-in quality and vulnerability scanning, monitoring to protect the user's assets.

In addition, the GPC wallet will come with multiple security verifications that can be set to the appropriate security level for different application scenarios.





Q6:I would like to ask you how do you think of the GPC in the global payment system role?


A6GPC is the core token of our whole global payment ecology, and GPC token will become the value carrier of the whole system.

1.GPC can be used as an ecological settlement tool and circulating token.

2.The fuel of intelligent contract also needs GPC token.

A6: GPC代币是我们整个环球支付生态的核心token,GPC token将成为整个系统的价值载体。




Q7:Could you introduce the GPC users rights and application scenarios?


A7:The GPC token holder can not only be used as a means of payment and settlement for intra-ecological services, but also can get other benefits such as product price concessions and share the benefits brought by GPC ecological development. With the continuous development and expansion of GPC ecology, the demand for GPC will also increase, and since the total amount of circulation is constant, the value of GPC will also grow rapidly and gain a strong consensus.

A7GPC token持有者不但可以作为生态内服务的支付结算手段,更可以获得产品的价格优惠等其他福利以及分享GPC生态发展带来的收益。未来价值不可限量。随着GPC支付生态不断发展和壮大,GPC的需求也会随之增大,而由于流通总量恒定,因此GPC价值也将快速增长,并获得强大的共识。


Q8:What is the layout and development plan of the GPC future ecosystem?


A8GPC aims to build a complete asset management and payment system. Through the products and services of GPC platform, it can quickly and efficiently realize the exchange and payment of various digital currencies and legal currency assets, and at the same time, it can also provide the management of various public chain assets, realize the integrated management of storage, transaction and exchange, and transaction and exchange of digital assets, legal currency assets and real business scenes, achieve the large-scale implementation of blockchain technology.



Q9:It is said that blockchain entrepreneurship is more difficult than any other industry. Do you have any experience to share with us?


A9: Just focus on what are we doing, someone will always support you, at present,our project is service for business customers ,but I believe that more functions will attract more users, the GPC will build a new system of payment, you will see.



Q10:Recent currency stock market is turmoil, how do you think the subsequent market movements?


A10:The real project is not to be afraid of, if you wanna invest it I believe the technology and function of the project should be considered.







译:GPC is like to Alipay in blockchain,right?

答:Yes, we are connecting a lot of payment channels and real business so that GPC token can be used in products to realize the payment function.




译:Can freely paid GPC token for c-terminal users?

答:Yes,we are building a new Alipay its totally new for us




译:Now everyone says that there are a few users in blockchain industry, how do you think?

答:There must be a lot of real users, but some users are not professional, once they meet the real project then will turn.





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